What does it take to make a warrior a queen?


photo credit: http://fairytalesbynature.tumblr.com/post/39378198522 what does it take to make the warrior the queen?

the unfathomable laying down of sword and shield becomes a heart breaking unavoidable happening.

happening deep within.

happening to completion before the mind has the chance to sabotage the change.

what does it take to make the warrior the queen?

a fiery surrender to the discomfort of shedding the battle worn armor.

forging new armor.

a kind of armor that armors up to armor down.

so she can be seen...the queen.

what does it take to make the warrior the queen?




finding the way to find my scars sexy.




walking among my people...barefoot...human to human.




what does it take to make a warrior a queen?

a merging of two forces within.

warrior is slowing down.

queen is rising up.

creating equals between the two as one.

a soul marriage of self.


No doubt, when the soul shifts and inner transformation begins, one is called forth to walk into the fire of trials and challenges. It isn't easy or clean. However, I'm finding that when I'm just letting it be what it is and I give myself, and the process, permission to be difficult and messy; the simpler the path is. The more space I have to breath within it. The more organic it is...like a wheel of the year...the shifts and changes just happen at their own time outside my deadlines of being the change. There are days I want to scrape my skin from the intensity. There are moments I feel bigger and brighter and more beautiful than ever before. There are weeks flying by that feel lost to memory yet I see how far I've come. And in every moment I'm having to choose, observe, trust, and feel.


It's the feels that make it messy...muddy...bloody...and authentic. But without them, it wouldn't be change!


What does it take to make the warrior the queen? Well, I fully believe it's different for any woman; and maybe sharing mine might shine a light on yours. And by this I mean any change, it doesn't necessarily mean your change is the same as mine...warrior to queen to warrior queen...but if this does tug at your truth, I'd love to hear a poetic voicing over in the comments of this soul note. We are a tribe of whole being belonging to ourselves...in a sacred circle sharing, shedding, shining.


And when I feel the balance of this transformation...when I feel both warrior and queen, I look like this...

20150327_150006I see the battles fought in my eyes...the wisdom gained, the pain of loosing, the healing of wounds. I see the softness of a present presence, smiling with the compassion of the fragile strength of being human in battle. I see an openness. A woman changing before her very eyes.


"creating and standing in integrity is the ability to change as I change"


MUCH LOVE from an emerging warrior queen,



PS. this process has been amplified by a work in progress by Erica Kathleen who has taken a photo of me in the thick of warrior queen and turning into a stunning piece of art. She is a shaman artist who in her process of painting this piece has catalyzed my growth in the most magical way. I can't wait to share with y'all when that is finished...prints will be made!