Where Is Your Wild?

I have just returned from our annual Spring trip in Eastern Oregon. (where I grew up)  For me, this trip was experienced through a deeper awareness.  I absorbed so much more than I usually take in.  The usual excitement of being in the open country was still there, but this trip had more than excitement, there was an element of belonging to the open country.  The usual expansion of my soul was still there, with the addition of owning the expansion down to my core and throughout my entire BEing.  I wore this expansion as if it were a new body, a new aura.  The usual release of my mundane life was still there, with a liberation of  the roots pulled up and not just the tops weed-wacked.  

The red-tailed hawks that nest on my family's property were vying for my attention as they circled me from above.   Their calls of freedom and higher vision tickled my senses when the sound shot through my ears; lifting me up to fly among them.  The cottontail rabbit that lost it's life has been given new purpose in the fur being made into sacred items.  An intimate and wholistic example of the cycle of life...life, death, rebirth.

The recently flooded rivers and creeks growled with the power of cleansing and transformation of their banks. Reminding me that cleansing and transformation is meant to move things around, to uproot old decayed trees (thought forms, etc), and to sweep away the foundation for new things to grow.  The lessons of the river didn't stop there.  Normally you can't see the river from the country road, but with the flood levels as they were, I had many moments of connecting to the rushing river from the dirt roads of our property.  And the message was clear; you cannot predict or control when or how strong the flow of cleansing and transformation takes place. It happens in a flash and you will experience an ease to your inner current shift if you just let it take you where the waters are calm.  From there you will begin again...rebirthed into a new environment, full of possibilities that you create.  

Being that is was the end of May/beginning of June, I was anxious to explore the awakened Earth with it's sprinkles of wild flower colors, it's vibrating pulse of full life in the burgeoning plants.  Yet, in Grant County, homes were still billowing the smoke from a warm fire. The Earth was still curled up in it's quilt of introspection, and the pulse I felt was more of a heartbeat.  Steady and waiting.  The weather lent an unpredictable and unforgiving rant against being told how to behave.  And I found myself flowing from tank top to parka several times a day.  All the while, hearing complaints from others, I decided to have my own conversation with my Self around these rebellions of nature.  This conversation began with the observations mentioned above and circulated into the surrender and allowing of the WILD.  The wild of nature that we witness, and being willing to flow with it's mood without resistance, bitterness, or labeling of it good or bad.  The wild of our inner wildish nature, and being willing to accept awareness of it, to not fear it, and to explore the many climates it has to offer.  The wild aspect of your being is just as unpredictable as a rebellious season, just as cleansing and transformative as a recently flooded river, just as uplifting as a hawk's perspective, and just as steady and patient as the Earth that is in the center of it all.  And it all leads to healing.

I have spent many years exploring the wildish nature of the soul, and I am still in humble gratitude that the lessons of the wild keep unfolding in new ways.  I am still in awe of the endless healing that the wild models for us every day, can you remember a time when you felt it?   In this writing I have shared an intimate moment of where my wild is.  Where is yours?

I challenge you to do, think, or feel something wild once a day....once a week even!  Find your wild... growl, fly, nest, and run free!