Online Rattle Making Circle

(Kit provided - see below)

Begins - October 16th, 2018

Ends - November 15th, 2018

Cost: $275.00

$275 Includes kit, shipping of the kit, fully tutorial video series, and transformational sacred space.

* If you'll need to ship outside of the United States, please contact me directly before purchasing so we can work out international shipping details - thank you!

* Some supplies are not provided. See list below. *

Rattles are epic energy cleansers. They work because you feel it! Sound medicine is a healing tool that transcends the story. It's like a freeway straight to your soul center. I have many rattles. One of these beauties is my personal healer. Another one is from a cow elk who, in her hide transformation, brought forth the medicine of the "walking wounded" and has a soothing way of comfort/strength. The rattle necklace came from the "big-hearted blacktail buck" who lightens everything to a place of safe openness. Rattle necklace is my shield. The hand rattle generously helps with my bone readings. I even keep a rattle near my kitchen for soul crafting emergencies! Get my point? You can have more than one rattle. If you want to see others I've made, check out my Rattle page.

This circle has a home base in the grand hall of Ruzuku, a course management platform that looks EPIC in ease and function. I look forward to kicking off my partnership with it. The live videos will be done via Zoom, so everyone who joins live will be on screen and then I'll be uploading the recordings into Zoom for review. In true Nissa-style, I pour my heart and soul into every space I hold, which often looks like doing what the space needs as we go. It often looks like spontaneous fuckit bucket rituals, or addition of fire circle pages, or extra content that I wouldn't know is needed until it shows up in the circle. I lead & guide in a very free range way...because I'm a free range human. 

Video gathering dates (allow for a 2+ hours each):

  • February 1st, 11:00 am PST - Full Moon Energy. Casting the Circle! Being guided from the heart for sharing, opening, and connecting on a group journey. Shining a light on your medicine-making.
  • February 7th, 11:00 pm PST - Last Quarter Moon. Incorporating the water element and personalizing your hydrating ritual. I'll again prepare you for what to expect next.
  • February 11th, 11:00 am PST - Making Day. Journey, share, deepen, then is meeting-your-new-rattle day!
  • February 15th, 11:00 am PST - New Moon Energy. Use the Circle to get to know your rattle. Journey...share...empty...fill...connect...gestate...reflect...anticipate. We'll play with sound, gather Spirit, and imbibe.
  • February 24th, 11:00 am PST - 1st Quarter Energy. Secure your rattle. Finalize the making process, journey, creation troubleshooting.
  • February 28th, 11:00 am - Release the Circle. Rattle Opening Ceremony. Journey to receive medicine.

You Will Receive...

  • Rattle making kit (pictured-dried hide, corn, poly-fill, sinew, & intuitively chosen earth medicine)
  • Authentic guidance using multi-media platforms & experiences
  • Supportive instructions every step of the way (*results may be sassy)
  • Ritual & altars & oracles...oh my!
  • Stronger sacred listening skills
  • Shamanic journeys held in sacred space as the making of the magic in YOUR medicine
  • Guidance, perspective, & sisterhood from a foundation of respect & Self-accountability
  • A spirit guide you can hold in your hands
  • The catalyst for walking an empowered path with death

You will need to Aquire...

  • High speed internet for ease of video watching
  • Tools (pictured) (needles, scissors, toothbrush, hole punch, knitting tool thingy)
  • A readiness to gather bits of earth medicine that your rattle desires (sticks & stones & feathers & bones, etc)
  • Journal
  • Toothpicks (they will help leave a place for opening to happen)
  • Craft or construction paper, cardboard boxes, etc. (more on this in the preparation page you will receive once you've completed registration...follow the instructions in the checkout process)

In the many years I've been making sacred sound medicine in the form of drums & rattles, I've heard countless times..."this was SO much more than 'just a rattle' or 'just a drum'." This has been one of my favorite compliments because I fully feel & live the feels & energy of engaging with the life, death & rebirth medicine wheel. It is honoring to the animals spirits when others feel the richness too. I also know that I don't have the words to describe what fills in the spaces beyond "just a rattle" or "just a drum". It's almost too sacred and too vast a possibility to put into words. It's almost like, magic or something! I do know that the "more" is more than just me, it's you being at a point that you are ready & willing to receive. I believe it's the "more" is a perfect combination of the great mystery of Life. Are you ready? Is it time for something "other" and "more"? Feel it out...your answer is in there.

You can troll my Instagram to see a bit about the many hides I've worked, and you can read more about my process on my sacred sound maker page.

This page is where I will do my best to convey what this circle can hold for you and what I am setting up to provide. Honoring and acknowledging the established path of "so much more". Yes, you will get a rattle made from this experience. And, this experience will hold the space for you to transform with make you as you make it. I choose to function from a leadership style that is a flexible structure...allowing for things to shift and flow and "so much more". This space will be the container for which I stand for you to make your own magic, strengthen intuition, eclipse that transformation, and step over thresholds of thought that create new lands for your inner world. I hope you will join me for this sacred journey of life, death & rebirth. Oh, and there's lots of sass, honesty, giggles, humor, and a fierce protection for sacred individualism.


OMG...the whole Online Rattle Making Circle was a moving, transcending experience for me. It was so healing. Every step was moving for me, but pulling that shit out of my rattle and birthing a new sound was healing. It felt so spiritual. A sacred shift I felt was valuing my self. My worth. Stepping into my own power and value!!!! Telling the story of the scar not the wound. Allowing my scars to heal so I am not telling the stories from the seeping oozing wound. If you are thinking about making a rattle with Nissa, JUMP off the damn fence and RUN to your healing!! Thank you so much for this experience. It was so heart healing for me. You have such a gift of leading. AND you hold a beautiful container.
— Jennifer Martin
INTEGRITY. It’s a non-negotiable in my world for a space holder. Nissa will deliver.
— Regina Viars
Online Rattle Making was a very valuable experience. I use my rattle daily. I think the whole thing was an amazing value for the money, I got much more than I expected. I gained more courage in trusting myself, and my journey. I feel more powerful, and I’m better able to find the medicine in all the things, where I didn’t see it before. If you are even considering working with Nissa, that is enough of a sign that you need to work with her. You’ll be glad you did.
— Lauren Bear


Will you join me?...

Order before JANUARY 27th to have your kit delivered by the 14th*
Last Day to order is January 31st

*if you don't have it when we video gather on the 14th, it's okay.

Feel free to gather some friends to do this with you. On the days we make & work with the bodies, y'all can share the supplies & boost each other. Solidarity in solitude is just as powerful with a different flavor. Are you hearing that full body YES? I'm ready for you. The hide is ready for you. The spirit of your rattle is ready for you. See you in circle. Blessed be.

*If you are outside of the USA, please contact me before purchasing. We will need to make sure your customs will allow the hide, and shipping costs will be different. My email address is

*Limited kits.

*After checkout is complete, you will be redirected to the email registration for this circle. This must be done to receive your preparation page and circle content. Thank you.

*Any questions? Contact me.

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