Welcome to Soul Craft's Online Rattle Making Circle!

You have said YES! You are here...welcome! The transformation often begins when we say yes...so soften and open to sacred listening with a curious heart. This experience is a container of sacred space that offers you the place to safely transform WITH your rattle making. So...shit might come up. If it does, stay curious and follow it into the woods of your inner world and breathe...get to know it...bring it to what you are doing here...make medicine out of it. 

To make sure we get off to a solid start, I need you to do a couple of things on this page:

  1. submit your declarations for this experience
  2. begin gathering what you can from the materials list...a dose of preparation creates windfalls of ease

Declaration...ohhhh, this is the super juicy stuff!  These words are what will be sent out to the Great Mystery for the spirit of your sacred sound spirit to find their way to me for union with its new body...this is the voice that your medicine will respond to.  Regardless, declaring is like an intention on steroids.  Here are some prompts I offer for those receiving sacred sound medicine; feel free to reply so I can witness, build an alter for yourself and this declaration/wish, or whatever else represents magic to you.

Name *
For this event, I have both deer & elk hide for you to choose from. Please submit your preference OR if you have no preference, in which I will choose intuitively for you. It's first come first serve on this, so if the Elk run out, you will get Deer.

Materials List

  • hole punch (this one is ideal...more on that in the video below) http://goldeneagletradingpost.com/toolshides.html
  • upholstery needle
  • knitting thingy tool
  • box cutter
  • heavy-duty scissors
  • cardboard boxes or crafters mat
  • cardstock or construction paper
  • old toothbrush
  • toothpicks (will help leave a place for opening to happen

There will be much more you will gather as you go, but what that is will be unique to you & the medicine you will be gathering to support your rattle's power. More on this in our first video gathering.


Save these dates!

Here are the dates I've set for our video series and the links are ready to be used at time of video(allow for a 2+ hours each):

  • February 1st, 11:00 am PST - Full Moon Energy. Casting the Circle! Being guided from the heart for sharing, opening, and connecting on a group journey. Shining a light on your medicine-making.
  • February 7th, 11:00 pm PST - Last Quarter Moon. Incorporating the water element and personalizing your hydrating ritual. I'll again prepare you for what to expect next.
  • February 11th, 11:00 am PST - Making Day. Journey, share, deepen, then create...today is meeting-your-new-rattle day!
  • February 15th, 11:00 am PST - New Moon Energy. Use the Circle to get to know your rattle. Journey...share...empty...fill...connect...gestate...reflect...anticipate. We'll play with sound, gather Spirit, and imbibe.
  • February 24th, 11:00 am PST - 1st Quarter Energy. Secure your rattle. Finalize the making process, journey, creation troubleshooting.
  • February 28th, 11:00 am - Release the Circle. Rattle Opening Ceremony. Journey to receive medicine.