Release & Renew

Alchemizing self paced ritual guide for beginning again

One of my biggest take-aways from my studies of Shamanism is that there are essentially two actions that occur in our energy fields...removal & filling in that space. I learned many different ways to do that for which I'm grateful. And at the end of the day, high in the sky, it was as simple as that to me. (I find that simplicity provides the environment for ease, and personally...I'll take more of that) I found that having many ways to release and many ways to renew are awesome and they can be noisy in the mind. To return to a centered, simple mandate of knowing what is important is that SOMETHING release and SOMETHING renew is how we inch our way to the balance & wholeness in the moment. 

Can be done seasonally, monthly, or just as needed directed by your stress levels! This is one of the first things I created many moons ago when I came out of the "healers" closet, and it's still something I return regardless of what new flavor of learning I might be on. The bones are the same every time. The meat is different every time. And so am I. May this Ebook guide and serve you to find your shift to a new different too.

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