Healing is always happening. It’s not a question if you are healing. It’s a question of will you live healed
— Nissa

A revolution of Self-evolution.

ReWilding Wholeness is a sacred circle that reclaims uninhibited exploration of psyche and soul as a birthright; it is the permission to wander in the wildest thickets without dogma or doctrine, to forge a path that is uniquely yours.

ReWilding Wholeness is an active journey to your highest evolution. Learn to make medicine from poison. Move into behaviors that fill your power not your pain. Weave a life that enriches you.

ReWilding Wholeness is a place of honoring, a circle that holds space for the complexities and polarities inherent in life:  light and dark, tender and tough, wounded and warrior. A circle that helps you root your wholeness in fertile soil.

ReWilding Wholeness is a fresh take on ancient practices. Carefully crafted to support the modern nervous system, this work helps cultivate the capacity to fully meet your (messy, beautiful) life.

ReWilding Wholeness is an invitation—to the wild women and healers, the makers and dreamers, the visionaries and rebels—to shake loose from the carcassed agreements of old stories and identities, from anything that clips your wings. It is an opportunity to create a personal cosmology, to live your original myth.

Enrollment begins September 1st, 2019

Doors close September 22st, 2019

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About the Circle

ReWilding Wholeness is an evergreen circle that spans the seasons of shadow and shine. It is a place of gathering and growth, refuge and rebellion. A cauldron of change. It is the place where you enter the wound and discover the cure, evolving trapped parts into greater potential. You will learn to stay with what feels hard, hold space for others, catch your projections, and return to your center. You will practice using your voice. You will journey, create talismans, cast spells, move your animal body, and dive deeply into your own magic and medicine. Through dialogue and sharing stories in sacred space, you will shift your matrix into one where your greatest truths reside and reign.

 About your Guide


Devoted to what she calls Free Range Medicine and a mandate of sacred individualism, Nissa is both the gateway and gatekeeper for ReWilding Wholeness. Transparent in her process, she leads by example, an own-your-stuff/take-no-shit attitude, and striking integrity. Though she’s studied many modalities, she makes a radical departure from the notion that teachers and diplomas and dogma are needed to validate the medicine. She is spiritual autonomy meets wild frontier meets deep respect meets holy irreverence.

Holding a circle that is safe, sacred, and wild, Nissa guides and supports others to stand in their center. She brings self-evolution to the forefront as the most essential, revolutionary act of our times. Fearless in her ability to show up, she helps others uncage their beliefs. Cross new thresholds. Shed old skin. Gifted at translating thought into action, Nissa consistently models how to self-orient and evolve in a culture that tempers our impulse to grow.

What you will need

  • High speed internet to access all the content via Ruzuku

  • Ear buds are highly recommended (they don’t have to be the wireless kind)

  • Journal

  • Willingness to receive

It helps to have

  • Drum and/or rattle

  • Oracle cards

  • Earth medicines

  • Experience with listening to intuition, shamanic journeys, inner knowing, etc…

What you’ll get here

  • Ever-growing library of songs, spells, journey tracks and recipes

  • An animal body care kit that includes…

    • exclusive ReWilding Wholeness body oil created by Bella Cirovic

    • herbal tea blend specifically for season 4 of RW blended by Lena McCullough

    • oak moss smudge wild crafted by me

    • anything else that may inspire me but is unknown at this time

  • Rune readings from the wise and mystic Lena McCullough

  • Movement medicine…an inspired infusion of Primal Vinyasa and Free-range medicine

  • Membership has it’s privileges. ReWilders get the best discount on Pscyhopomp


  • Sunday gatherings via Zoom “when women gather, magic is made”

  • Witchin’ Wednesdays “offering card pulls and Nissa'-reads”

  • Check-in Fridays “hold yourself accountable to the DO-ing of your evolution”

  • Sabbat rituals via Zoom “honoring the subtle thresholds”

When you think about it…for less than $20-$40 a week, you get a shit ton of sacred space, witchy ways, and guidance through the wholeness of your SELF.

It is wise to track your Life. Being able to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished is a precious resource for owning your power & growth. I love showing up to a blank page in my journal, conjure my wholeness, and write all the truths that exist within me. You, and I, have all we need...already within us. ReWilding Wholeness is the place where YOU, and I, are accountable to our magic & medicine.
— Nissa
click here to get a free peek…Download the rewilding wholeness terrain

click here to get a free peek…Download the rewilding wholeness terrain


Why I need this space, and maybe you do too:

  • because waiting until crisis hits to get healing help can add insult to injury, and tending to your SELF all the time makes you stronger for when the next crisis hits…

  • because nature is in constant change and so are we…tend to changing with the change is how we evolve…

  • because there is nothing else like it out there…

  • because it’s not a question if healing is happening, it’s a question of “can I live healed”…

  • because ending your stories in medicine is how you take your power back…

  • because wholeness may be as simple as evolving the painful parts into powerful ones, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy…and this circle helps with that…

  • because self-evolution may be as simple as choosing healthy agreements over carcassed ones, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy…

  • because living whole may be as simple as accepting and making space for all the parts and all the feelings, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy…

  • because free-range medicine is a calling from the soul of a rebellious and wild woman who may not belong anywhere but her bones, and that can be lonely…

  • because each one of us already has everything we need within us to be who we are and make medicine from poison…we just need a place to play around in doing it…

  • because we aren’t broken or need to be fixed…we need to learn to be who we are and that deserves a lot of space…

Join me

Compare and contrast these two choices HERE…

*There are NO cancellations in this 6 month membership. *2 declined withdrawals will result in removal from membership without notice.

Word on the street is…

I overcame my chronic need to overachieve and pushing myself because I think its whats expected instead of really honing my listening skills to hear what I actual need. I learned how to get out of my own way, how to lean in to feel the depth of my feelings because avoiding them sure as hell hasn’t ever helped me in the past. I overcame many carcassed agreements, things I thought I had let go still had little tendrils holding on and breaking from that was absolutely liberating. It took me a long ass time to get over my stubbornness and realize that the only one I was hurting in this was me. Owning that alone was worth the cost of the entire program.
— Megan
I’m DOING instead of thinking about doing. I keep my word to myself more, which had increased my trust in myself, others and the Universe. You have no idea how your life will change until and unless you make that commitment to yourself. There is nothing else out there like this circle. Nissa is the whole package: the Being and the Doing.
— Juli
Nissa is such a great example of the medicine she provides. My heart gets a bigger room every time she says those crazy things that come from her process of the work we do. She pulls back the curtain and shows us all of her. It’s just so freeing and she is such good medicine. It is an extraordinary way to learn...to just have a teacher who is willing to get so raw and wild. It’s her own brand of medicine and teaching. ReWilding is what she teaches by just being her wild self. There aren’t many people that surprise me and Nissa continuously does. I just love her so much. It has changed my life.
— Kayrita
I used to fall into downward spirals of self-judgement and punish myself, replaying the same wounded stories in my head over and over, picking the scabs so they couldn’t ever heal. All that has changed after a year of ReWilding and one-on-one mentoring with Nissa. Now, when I fall into the old traps, I have a map back to center. The new language I’ve learned has helped me transform my self-talk from shame into empowered action. What used to take me weeks, months, sometimes YEARS to process, I am moving through in a day or less. I feel like I have been given the tools to confront any challenge in my life from a place of self-love and wholeness.
— Amy Topham www.wordmagicart.com
I quickly realized that this work was about love and support! My shifts were big! My physical health improved as I healed different parts of my heart. I started to use my voice in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I realized and remembered how powerful I truly am. The confidence I have to be my powerful self will affect all areas of my life. Instead of searching for an answer regarding what I am supposed to be doing with my life I am able to bring love and healing into everything I do.
— Cara
I come from a long history of talk therapy and the last year and a half of circling with Nissa has had me working with my old wounds in a way I never have before. She not only teaches she explores the terrain along side you and if you’re nervous or unsure you can watch her example as she works through her own wounds. There is a profound, unapologetic, FIERCE way to her that is so unlike anyone or anything you’ve ever witnessed. You are challenged and held tight all at once! Do the work and you’ll be amazed at the wild woman revealed within you.
— anonymous