$77 per month for 6 months

Doors open TBD

 Circle gathers & registration ends on October 7th, 2018

We will spiral together until TBD


This is a place for making new agreements that liberate wounded parts of you and give them new pathways...Claiming your right to evolve.

This is a place to gather the medicine and wisdom the poison so you can plant your feet on the soul soil of your sacred, sovereign Self...owning your worthy.


There are two pillars to this sacred space. Rewilding wholeness and self evolution. In this circle we self evolve in order to rewild our wholeness.

Self evolution has a macro and micro element to it. On the micro level, it's utilizing the sacred Arts of Energy Medicine to evolve wounded or harmful parts of yourself into functioning and useful voices in the chorus of you as a whole. On the macro level, when many little parts are being evolved and allowed to grow up into stronger healthy versions of themselves, the whole being evolves too, strengthening and growing the container of being more of Who You Are.

Rewilding Wholeness is a container for self Evolution to happen for the women of this world who are wild, wise, witchy, who keep medicine, who share medicine, who make medicine, who are seeking for how to see themselves as the Magic in their medicine. For women who are seers and listeners and want to make a change in the world.

This is the place for your SELF. A place to DO the work of YOU. Because you can't change the world until you change you. Bring your demons, your fears, your wounded stories. Bring the parts of you that are held back and evolve them. Show others by example.

Evolution is revolution.

I am the space holder for this. I am your guide. I am the mama bear for the circle and for you.
— Nissa

In Rewilding Wholeness we walk a spiral path of name it, claim it, own it, and tend it. These points correspond to the elements of nature and the directions of the medicine wheel. This brings ancient magical ways into a practical modern framework...a platform to be the new ancestors.


Rewilding wholeness is a circle of Sacred Space for you to craft a active practice of sovereignty. It's an integrated system of living as a great mystery walking around in a human animal. Here we strengthen are skills of Being Human by doing the magic and medicine that already exists within us. Here there is support, guidance, and accountability for you to commit to your Self. 

In this circle you will be invited to:

  • sacred rituals and intuitive acts ("oracle that shit!")

  • shamanic Journey & spirit guide connection

  • self talk-energy Alchemy ("shift the shit!")

  • understand duality & create healthy center

  • sacred sound medicine

  • movement medicine

  • own your power

There is medicine & poison in EVERYthing. Gather the medicine. Wisdom the poison. Keep moving.
— Nissa

It helps to have a place to be committed to showing up so you can name it, claim it, own it, and tend to the shifting of the shit that comes up in Life.

As above, so below. As within, so without. In other words, you don’t need another class...you need a gym for the magic in your medicine to be made, strengthened, and patterned into your Life...you need a place to be self-accountable and self-empowered. You need a place to play around with using your voice, being heard enough to heal, naming the energy, claiming the agreements, owning your shit, and tending to the change that being alive entails. I invite you to bring your magic, your medicine, and the tools you already have...use this space as the place to work them out to strengthen your everyday life...

This experience is for women looking for a space of guidance and accountability in strengthening the magic of their own medicine. For women who already have what they need inside them, and desire a place to nurture those gifts into action. This circle is for women who have already traveled many lands of “learning” what will “fix them, heal them, or make them better” only to find themselves still thinking they don’t have it yet...and really all they need is a place to DO what they have learned while learning more about what they DO.

This space is for wild, wise women who can hang with some sass in their sacred and not take anything too seriously. It is place to define the muscles of magic-making, empowerment, and sovereignty.

spiral into the circle

who this is for {name it}

  • Wild women who struggle to feel like they belong...when really they belong to themselves

  • Women ready to evolve victim and wounds into sovereignty and scars #scarclan

  • Women ready to tend to the behavior changes that turn the poison into medicine #medicinekeeper

  • Women who want to strengthen their power, medicine, and intuitive magic #warriorqueen

  • Women who are ready to relationship themselves to the sacred space of who they are

  • Women needing accountability on their sacred path

What To Expect {claim it}

  • Gathering the medicine, wisdoming the poison and moving forward using the wheel of wholeness (see button below)

  • Weekly videos

  • Weekly questing prompts for sacred action

  • Deep diving dialogue meant to push edges and pioneer new agreements/thoughts/ideas

  • Sacred sass

  • Honest reflections & feedback (upon request)

  • To take space, energy, and boundaried time for your SELF each and every week

what's offered {own it}

  • Compassionate, sassy guidance as you pick the bones of dead agreements and alchemize them into agreements that nurture your growth

  • New moon Rune Astrology readings from Lena McCullough

  • 2 Free Range Medicine Sessions to use anytime during October 7th and March 1st. ($310.00 value)

  • Discounts to Sessions beyond the 2 gifted

  • Virtual fire circle, magic, medicine, sisterhood, sacred space, and mama bear protection

  • Flexible structure...I create as I go...listening to the energy and needs of the circle

  • Q&A with Nissa...ask me anything

What's needed {tend it}

  • Ruzuku platform (enrollment required)

  • Internet connection (Hi-speed preferred)

  • Voice recorder on your smartphone

  • Estimated 3 hours per week minimum, and not all in one sitting

  • Recommend tools :

    • Sacred sounds: Drums and Rattles are hand held spirit guides that work because you FEEl it in your body. They shift the shit and awaken your shine

    • Journals, smudge, oracle cards and other Earth medicines that are sacred to you. These are flexible and optional...practice listening

These tools are just that, tools. They don't work unless YOU do. Show up. Do what is true. Use what you have.

"I quickly realized that this work was about love and support! My shifts were big! My physical health improved as I healed different parts of my heart. I started to use my voice in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I realized and remembered how powerful I truly am. The confidence I have to be my powerful self will affect all areas of my life. Instead of searching for an answer regarding what I am supposed to be doing with my life I am able to bring love and healing into everything I do." ~ Cara

*Payments of $77.00 are automatically withdrawn every month for 6 months starting when you sign up. There are NO cancellations or refunds, this is a commitment to yourSELF and I’m here to hold that with you. Option to renew in March for the next 6 months...this circle is evergreen. All year, every year...slow and steady like the Earth and the great mystery of Life.

*There are NO cancellations in this 6 month membership. 

Only you can be you, change you, and empower you. It’s the longest journey you’ll ever walk.
— Nissa

"I'm DOING instead of thinking about doing. It’s everything. I get more worth from classes I sign up for. I keep my word to myself more, which had increased my trust in myself and therefore, others and the Universe. You have no idea how your life will change until and unless you make that commitment to yourself. A famous educator once said, “we learn by doing, there is no other way.” Nissa is the whole package: the Being and the Doing."

~Juli S.

"I was held in a circle of this deeply felt acceptance and unconditional love and kindness. That truly is the greatest gift. This work deepens the sacred of everyday living. It awakens me to a deeper level of living sacredly as a sacred being while embracing my own version of the wonderful quirky selfness that makes me who I am on a bone deep level. Say yes to Nissa. I have never, ever regretted working with Nissa. Be ready to have your world rocked, in good, opening and deeply healing ways. And working with Nissa is a beautiful way of celebrating life."

~Grace Nightsky


$77 per month for 6 months...this is a place for YOU to take care of YOU.

Check out my Integrities & Agreements page for my take on respectful sisterhood in the circles I hold.

Need to know more about me? Check that out HERE.

May you take the time to know who you are. May you take the courage to do what is true.

I hope to see you in Circle.

Much love, Nissa