Rewilding Wholeness

SUPER important notice: the next enrollment will take place September 1-21st, 2019. If you are reading this and want to join…mark your calendar for September. Or better yet, join my email list to get reminders and behind the scenes rambles.



$77/month for 6 months

Membership to the Circle earns you entry to all of the following and more:

  • Weekly Sunday online video circles at 9:00 AM PST, these are always recorded

  • Written prompts support the sifting through of information gathered during the circles

  • Ritual gatherings as seasons change (Samhain, the Equinox…)

  • New moon Rune Astrology readings from Lena McCullough

  • Care Kit: one 1 oz vial of exclusively-blended anointing oil made by Bella Cirovic, one 2 oz tub of Nissa’s Skin Food, and a special tea blend mixed by Lena McCullough

  • Discounted Mentor Sessions with Nissa at $124 per session

  • Q&A with Nissa...ask me anything


$167/month for 6 months

ALL of the good stuff with Membership, PLUS one private Session per month is included with Nissa’s Medicine-Mentor offering

This is your chance to really hold your Self accountable, get extra support from Nissa with one-on-one sessions every month that can cover any topic and map out the land with more clarity.

If you know you need a little more structure than a scheduled meet up with deep group, this option is singing at you, can you hear it?

Nissa is a master huntress. She has a way of hunting out the parts of you that are ready to be transformed, evolved, healed. Once we located those parts she uses her tools, which she has many, to clear, clean and make medicine from whatever poison I was dealing with.
— Tracy Liebmann
You encouraged me to trust myself and make medicine my own way. For some time, I have felt that I wasn’t doing journey “right” even though I do, in my own way, receive communication from Spirit. You helped me by keeping me accountable to show up for my journey practice. The more I did the work, the more I trusted that I did know what I was doing, and then the experiences I was having in journey took on a whole new dimension. You helped me get out of my head and into my heart and my body.
— Amy Campbell Topham,