Thank you for stepping into an experience of honoring life, death, & rebirth!


Thank you for stepping into this circle of sacred sound medicine!  Reply soon and I can get started!  I can't wait to journey to gather the spirit of your soundmaker and bring it into its body.  I can't wait to continue the journey of sacred listening as it directs me to midwife its sound and its look.

Declaration...ohhhh, this is the super juicy stuff!  These words are what will be sent out to the Great Mystery for the spirit of your sacred sound spirit to find their way to me for union with its new body...this is the voice that your medicine will respond to.  Regardless, declaring is like an intention on steroids.  Here are some prompts I offer for those receiving sacred sound medicine; feel free to reply so I can witness, build an alter for yourself and this declaration/wish, or whatever else represents magic to you.

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