November 10th Accountability

Name it. Claim it. Own it. Declare it.

-whatever IT is...speak your truth in comments section below-

Grab a cup of something wonderful. Snuggle up somewhere cozy. Listen with sacred ears for the sparks and sizzles within you that can rise up and love the words of your sisters. In a circle we are all equal...we reflect each other...we learn to hear, listen, speak, and see. Blessed be. 



Shared by Jen Costa. Thank you sister. I say A-HO to this. And may we all keep in mind and heart that we are always becoming more of who we are. 


Cheers to the bravery it takes to tell one's be in the questing of this journey called life, wholeness, and medicine making. I'm proud of us all. XO, Nissa

PS. Give each file a chance to begin. I think the larger files take a second or two to get going.