Being a part of the life cycle.

This realm of my world is ridiculously sacred, delicious, and comfort-zone pushing.

For the drum and rattle making, it begins at the new moon before each hunting season. I create a hunting altar and journey to the spirits of the animal nation I am hunting and present an offering to them, state my intention and let them see my heart. I ask them to show me the items to create my hunting pouch for that year. Stuff like: herbs, stones, etc. When I'm hunting, I carry the pouch around my neck, and carry the connection in my heart. Upon the kill, there is deeply painful gratitude and reverence. I cry thank you to all things. I hold the animal in some way and just give the ugly cry hell. A circle is cast with the herbs and a stone is placed on the Earth where the animal lies. Sometimes I sing, or journey, or whatever feels true to honor that particular animal’s transition from body to energy source. There is celebration as the spirit leaves, and I assist it in "crossing over". Every animal taken in my hunting parties receives a ceremony from me in one form or another. As a huntress I love the animals I kill. I love them all year long. I love their bones that I display or make into altar pieces. Sometimes my dogs love their bones too! My family and I cut and wrap the meat ourselves, therefore these animals become a part of my family's health and life force. This is precious. The hunt is ancient, sacred, fun, and fulfilling. It is an honor to take this connection to another level by using the hide to create sacred sound.

Hides are hand-scraped and processed by me and I journey to learn something about that animal's life and it’s death. This itself is a several day, emotional and physical intense project.  So, if you're wondering why these sacred items come at higher money price...well if I still have to convince you of their value after the last paragraph, then maybe these rattles aren't for you. Seriously though, I am literally covered in blood, sweat, and tears by the time sacred sound bodies are born. This is valuable to me. The medicine each rattle carries is valuable to me. I believe the animal who gave it's life deserves to be valued and honored fully. Every pain and ache of body and heart honors them.

Through the art of Shamanic journey and sacred listening I work beside the spirit of the animal as it guides the circle I’ve gathered for the hide I’m working. They bring forward a power they carried within them and this becomes the lineage that the drums and rattles are born from. For example; a blacktail buck hide gave us "The Power of Thin Skin”, and the drum and rattles made from him carry this lineage as well as their very own spirit and medicine. From one body...many are born. I let each item create themselves through me and then imbue their spirit, energy & medicine into their bodies through ceremony and song.

All sacred sound circles held & facilitated by me will engage you early by asking you to surrender to the process without knowing the end result. I also ask you for your for declarations with the help of some soul-stirring prompts. Every circle I create around sacred sound is steeped in stories, sacred listening, medicine conjuring, and the reflections of transformation.