My drums are powerful tools, their voices regulate the beat of my heart when it's pounding like a storm and disaster-creating. Their BOOMS put my mind in it's proper, balanced, open place. Each drum’s spirit is a trusted and beloved ally that I continue to evolve in relationship with. My drums are powerful because they hear me when I speak my pain and fear into them as I beat their bodies.  Being heard for me is a healing ritual in itself. The drums are powerful as they reflect my energy in the moment. They encourage me to be a living, breathing thing that changes tone, voice, and performance. I've learned how to tolerate and work with perceived imperfections. I've learned to see what I need by tending to the needs of my sacred sound. They are powerful to me because I treat them as sacred. In using them I to, become sacred space.



Rattles are epic cleansers; powerful, sacred tools.

Why? There are many answers to this question and they all have different languages. The "why" for you must be unearthed by you. I'll share my "why" with you. My rattles are powerful because each one has their own diverse purpose, medicine, and flair.

I have one rattle that is clear and serious about me not using it on anyone but myself...he's here just for me. I have a rattle who LOVES to be in service to my tribe and my sisters...and she is light and silly. Another rattle is warrior and takes no prisoners...she is fierce and gets right to the mud and blood of a block. See what I mean?


Rattle Necklaces

Small, but mighty. These necklaces are ready to travel with you, from within to without. Carry the power close to your heart. 

Just as powerful as a full-sized rattle, treated with reverence for the creature who allowed its birth. Each one is unique, each made by my hands from start to finish.