Supply List


comforts & self care

If one is prepared, they can thrive. This list is to offer you a guideline of things to have for a gathering with me, rather than a must-have checklist. Always check in with your Self on what to bring. And always bring something that wants to come, even if it's not on this list. #sacredlistening

  • Nest items, such as: pillow, blanket, low foldy chair
  • Pamper items: eye pillow, essential oils, comfy clothing
  • Food items: for snacking, lunch, to share, alter chocolate
  • Beverage items: water & coffee/tea mug
  • Sacred items: alter piece, drum/rattle, bundle, journal

For online circles, you will also need:

  • High speed internet for ease of video watching
  • Tools (pictured) (needles, scissors, toothbrush, hole punch, knitting tool thingy)
  • A readiness to gather bits of earth medicine that your alter desires (sticks & stones & feathers & bones, etc)
  • Journal
  • Craft or construction paper, cardboard boxes, etc. (more on this in the preparation page you will receive once you've completed registration...follow the instructions in the checkout process)

A more detailed list may be sent before the event if the event has need for more specific items.