Live gatherings & webinars, when scheduled, will be held on Tuesday mornings at 10am PST and be about 60 minutes. They will be recorded.

Option to renew in September or March for another 6 months...this circle is meant to be evergreen. All year, every year...slow and steady like the Earth, the great mystery of Life.

Payments of $77.00 are automatically withdrawn every month for 6 months starting when you sign up. There are NO cancellations, no refunds. This is a commitment to yourSELF. I’m here to hold that with you.  

*After you have completed the subscription checkout via PayPal, you should be rerouted to the enrollment page for our Ruzuku room. Email me if this doesn't happen for you.


"There is so much out there that’s same ol’, same ol’, regurgitating and rebranding the same old shit, and Nissa is not that. I loved the safe and sacred space she created for us and the amazing women that showed up for it." ~Juli S.


What is expected, what to expect


  • ruzuku platform (enrollment required)

  • live video gatherings

  • webinars

  • virtual fire circle

  • occasional guests for nourishing dialogue

  • feedback & personalized prompts or readings from Nissa (upon request only)

  • Q&A with Nissa...ask me anything


What you will need:

  • internet connection (Hi-speed preferred)

  • drum and/or rattle

  • journal, smudge, oracle cards and other Earth medicines that are sacred to you. (flexible & optional)

  • voice recorder on your smartphone

  • 30-90 mintues per week for content consumption (except on tending weeks)

    • additional time of your choosing for reflections & actions


Only you can be you, change you, and empower you.

It’s the longest journey you’ll ever walk, the most rewarding.

As with any difficult task, it helps to have a place to be committed to showing up so you can name it, claim it, own it, and tend to the shifting of the shit that comes up.

Think about it. If you want to have a healthier body, to learn to eat better and how to work out, what do you do? You hire a personal trainer. After 6 months or so of doing the work, following the program you have achieved some success in your goal.  You’ve probably learned the new patterns well enough to continue to train alone.

Feeling confident in your new knowledge, you end your sessions with the trainer. You are fired up to to continue make changes toward improved physical health on your own. What happens if a bad day turns your mood dark and it’s strength training day? Chances are, the choice to go home with take out and binge watching something to escape will be the likely outcome without that set appointment with the trainer.

See, the trainer is more than the educator of the habits necessary for a healthy, strong body. They are a container for you to be accountable to yourself by having to be accountable to the trainer. Make sense?  

As above, so below. As within, so without.

You don’t need another class, another self-help book. You need a gym for the magic in your medicine to be made, strengthened, and patterned into your Life. You need a place to be self-accountable and self-empowered. A circle to play around with using your voice, being heard enough to heal, naming the energy, claiming the agreements, owning your shit, and tending to the change that being alive entails. I invite you to bring your magic, your medicine, and the tools you already have. Use this space as the place to work them out to strengthen your everyday life.

"It is helpful to have the accountability factor, the space for growth, and for requesting the pushing of edges. Trust the soul pull to see where Nissa can lead you. You’re worth it and the edges you discover will change you for the better." ~Lena