the space in-between death & rebirth

This space is the space of transformation. Transforming the matter of the animals' hides. Transforming their skin & fur into a naked womb to create rebirth of sound medicine. Transforming from one form into another. Welcome.

From one body, many are born.

First Things First

Declarations. This is an important step on this journey. Please go to the declarations link Catherine gave you and complete your declarations so I have them for the process of midwifing your sacred sound. This is a powerful part of the whole experience. Your voice matters. Your truth matters. The ownership of both your shit and your shine matters.

The Real Deal

The truth is...the sacred sound medicine I make only occurs when an animal has died from a hunt me, my family, or trusted friends have made. A life was taken, honored, transformed, and rebirthed. And no matter how pretty I make it all sound, the truth animal died. And this is sad. It needs to be sad. It can also be celebrated while being sad. I believe that I can best honor the gift of their body by doing what I do and by also never loosing sight of the sadness. I want them to see me continue the practice of acknowledging the gift of their life that they gave in death. I ask that you join me in doing the same...feeling the sadness of it and saying THANK YOU. 

The process of me transforming the hides and midwifing your sacred sound can have mirrors and messages all over the place for you. Remain open. Listen with sacred ears.

Feel your feels. Shed the layers. Strip. listen. Rebuild.

Disclaimer::this video is showing your the nitty gritty truth that may be difficult for might say they are "graphic". To me, it's a way of life and tradition. To me, it's the vulnerable spotlight of digging deep. To me, it's why I do what I do and how I do the honoring of these animals with my hands & heart. Consider steadying yourself before watching. Consider asking if you are willing & able to face possible triggers & judgements. Showing the bloody, muddy truth of the wild is part of my purpose and a way to honor my medicine. AND...I respect anyone's truth that may not be ready to witness it. There is still much for you to experience if you feel a "no" to this video. 

“How we treat death is how we show up in Life.
— Nissa


(*for those who watched)

What came up for you?

What do you notice about what came up?

Wisdom the poison…

Gather the medicine…

Choose the truer truth…

stories of their transformation

This is the section where I share the stories I received from the animals as I work their hides. These stories are peppered with both oracling of my human experience of working them AND the messages from them directly. There is more to these stories. When we gather, you will be a part of bringing more voice to their stories. In this precious circle we have 3 deer and 3 elk guiding us and standing with us. These stories are shared before you come to give you a place to connect, listen, receive, and feel out some shit. I invite you to keep your declarations close as you listen, and sniff out some medicine already in action for you. Here are the stories from the fleshing beam…

the essence of wild woman?


AND...during the time of working her, I found the one and only owl feather I've seen on my daily morning walk trail. I've been walking there everyday for two years. So, not only did she bring the Ravens...she is guided by Owl.


the power of feeling


cow elk goddess of moon & fire


primal blood muley buck


don’t forget to soften blacktail buck


trin’s first buck…taken too soon for a worthy purpose



PS…doesn’t Trin look like someone we all know? Hint…she is Catherine’s American daughter.