Get To Know Me

I'm big on the kind of living that reaches for the intersection of my DO-ing being actions that come from my sacred BE-ing. I'm not a "healer"...but it seems to happen a lot in my offerings. I'm not a "teacher"...but there is so much teaching and learning in my interactions. I'm not a guru...period. I am a guide...because I love the wilderness and can take you to yours. I'm big on the magic of AND. I'm big on imperfections and wounded-ness being a voice to the inner council of Self. I'm big on knowing the opposites and extremes to find & choose what is center.

I'm big on sacred sass and ugly truths. I'll take integrity I disagree with over "saying the right thing" any day. I believe support does not require agreement or just needs the support of space and witness. I believe in questioning...believing...and questioning some more. Rebel medicine flows in my blood. I believe in everyone has a right to their own truth. I think well placed and intentional triggers are catalysts for great growth...learn to love them. I'm big on gentle badassery in the name of sovereignty and connection. I believe deeply in "do no harm...take no shit". I have learned there are many ways to take no shit. I'm big on being able to do what is needed in the moment over being either/or. I'm believe I am my own container of sacred space...and so are you.



It's messy. It is most often a work in progress. And once you find a finish, there is very little downtime before picking up the paintbrush of alchemy to begin the next project of Self. The truth is there is a lot of wild when you live from the inside out and the wild is a place of unpredictable balance, change, and storms. It's a place of wallowing in the blood and mud of things.



One of my core mandates simplified into a snazzy, powerful, two-word declaration. It has become my center when I'm finding myself judging with poison in my thoughts. It grounds me into my truth and secure boundaries when I am being challenged for just being who I am. It's like the home of who I am is activated. Being a sacred individualist carries...



I believe you have your own set of tools from which to start right now. I believe in guiding you to remember, embrace and use what you have RIGHT NOW...and if you ache for more, well then I can guide you to learning some of what I use too. It means I can't fix you, nor would I want me broken-ness is a piece of the puzzle of wholeness.

I worked with Nissa to uncover layers of myself during my fifth occurrence of lymphoma. I thought I needed Nissa to teach me the tools of her trade because I thought those tools held the keys to my intuition. My intuition muscle was not fully developed before my work with Nissa, but over time, she taught me how to open sacred space to hear it. The more I sat in my own sacred space, the faster and easier I was able to connect with my intuition and apply it to all manners of decisions I needed or wanted to make in my life. Nissa has an uncanny ability to open my eyes and heart to my own self. She is gifted at connecting my thoughts and feelings by actively listening and intuiting what I was seeking or searching for well before I would have made the connections. She is an accelerator and incubator for self growth and expression. Working with Nissa left me in awe every single time we met. Her energy and firm, but loving kindness lifted me up on some of the hardest, darkest days of my life. She lit the candle that was dormant within me and taught me how to keep the flame going. When I get off track from myself, I know the signs now and I know what to do to reconnect with me. I am forever indebted to Nissa for this life skill. She is wise and loving and it was an honor to work with her.
— Jess Nichols
I was feeling very lost and confused and felt like Nissa would be able to give me simple, yet profound clarity about what I was experiencing in my life on a spiritual level, as well as what steps I could take to move forward on a physical level. Go into the experience with an open heart. Nissa is worthy of the deepest trust. She will see into your soul, all your light and dark places, and love you wholly. Even if the truth is hard to hear, she offers it in such a gentle way that you will feel loved, and seen, and respected.
— Amy
Working with Nissa is gift. You will be held, you will be challenged, you will be broken open, you will be encouraged and supported toward wholeness. She urges you toward growth by gently challenging your self-limiting schemas, and holds you in the sacred, loving space of a woman who knows, who’s done the work, and who continues to do it every day.
— Brandi Bonde