Explore more over on my Sacred Sound Maker page. There you will find the depths of what comes before the flesh becomes drums. All hides must come from hunters I know, or my own kills. The hides then go into the freezer fresh to retain their life and integrity until it's time for me to work them. I hand process the hides myself and record all the journeys, stories, messages, and medicine that comes from the spirit of the animal. Yes, my drums have a higher price tag…because it’s so much more than just a drum. You are stepping into a sacred space guided by the spirit of the animal who died. You are saying yes to knowing more than you though you wanted to know. You are saying yes to magic in your hand, blessed by the cycle of life, death, & rebirth.

Nissa-made drum


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The drum is a powerful sacred tool. If you are wondering why...the world is full of answers to this question and they all come from different languages. The "why" for you must be unearthed by you. But, I will share with you the "why" for me. My drums are powerful tools because their voice regulates the beat of my heart when it's stormy and disaster-creating. Their BOOMS puts my mind in it's proper, balanced, and open place. Each of their spirit's is a trusted and beloved ally that I continue in relationship with. My drums are powerful because they hear me when I speak my pain and fear into them as I beat their bodies...and being heard for me is a healing ritual in and of itself. My drums are powerful because they reflect my energy in the moment. They remind me of being a living, breathing thing that changes tone, voice, and performance. I've learned how to tolerate and work with perceived imperfections. I've learned to see what I need by tending to the needs of my sacred sound. They are powerful to me because I treat them as sacred...and in using them...I feel that I am sacred space.

I invite you to make this part of your journey...your own transformation...an exploration of trust and YES. Drums are made first on the hide. Rich in ceremony, song, and humor. Every part of the DO-ing is the narrative of it's BE-ing. Not only is the hide worked by me by hand, every drum head is cut by hand. The lacing that weaves it's fluid spine is cut by me...my hand. In this DO-ing I am bringing in the spirit of your drum. Listening to it for it's essence, medicine, and messages. Imbuing it into the body when it is ready...and singing it full of blessings before it leaves me.

Explore more over on my Sacred Sound Maker page. There you will find the depths of what comes before the flesh becomes Drums.