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Rattle Making Circle is now open. 

May 26th, 2018 is our day to gather in my home and make rattle bodies in a circle of sacred space. 

Online support before and after provided via Ruzuku so I can guide you through finishing your rattle.

$250, not including travel costs. Payment options available.

Each Rattle, as well as the experience, is unique

Like the drums, this is only offered when I have the hides. I do not order and rehydrate. All hides must come from hunters I know, or my own kills. The hides then go into the freezer green to retain their life and integrity until it's time for me to work them. I often have a wait list that I work from. If sold out...please contact me to get on the list.

Whether you sit in a circle to make your own, or you sit in the circle of me doing the work on your behalf...you are stepping into a sacred space guided by the spirit of the animal who died.

Rattles are epic cleansers. They too are powerful sacred tools. Why? There are many answers to this question and they all have differently languages. The "why" for you must be unearthed by you. I'll share my "why" with you. My rattles are powerful because they each have their own diverse purpose, medicine, and flair. I have one rattle that is clear and serious about me not using it on anyone but myself...he's here just for me. I have a rattle who LOVES to be in service to my tribe and my sisters...and she is light and silly. Another rattle is warrior and takes no prisoners...she is fierce and gets right to the mud and blood of a block. See what I mean? When I make a rattle for you, the spirit for it comes forward to be birthed into the rattle body. I work with this spirit to adorn it with the medicine it needs to support you. I listen it's energy to create the sound in the rattle that expresses it's voice. I complete the ceremony of a rattle's birth by imbuing the spirit of the rattle into the rattle body and then let it nest for a day or two while I sing over it, filling it with blessings and yummy juju. 

Every rattle carries with it it's own essence, medicine, and spirit. They also carry the whispers of it's lineage...the power of whatever hide it came from. For example, a cow elk hide brought to her circle the power of waiting to be naked to be seen. All drums and rattles made from her continue her expression of that by way of helping you heal that which keeps you poisonously hidden.

For every hide I work, more rattles are made than drums. This keeps the rattle wait-lists moving more quickly and sometimes allows for the gift of inventory that you can order and begin right away. If rattles are sold out in the "get you some", make sure to contact me to be put on the waitlist.