Online Rattle Making Circle

BEGINS July 1, 2019

listen to the magic below

Includes kit, US shipping, full tutorial video series, and transformational sacred space.

*** Kits must be ordered by June 25th for best chance of U.S. arrival by opening ceremony***

~Orders outside the US, please contact me before ordering, and allow for more time for delivery.

~Every step will be recorded, so you can participate at your own speed.

Hands that make...make their medicine. Voices that seek...find their medicine. Hearts that try...create their medicine. Listen to your bones and it calling you?

This experience is for women who want to create their own sacred tool of sound medicine. Women who desire a deeper connection to what it feels like to birth sacred objects and give their bodies spirit. Women who have whispering aches to touch more of loving death, life, and rebirth. Women who are on the path of their own medicine keeping and self-shamaning. This experience is for those who seek to magic of reflections and pathways to personal power. For women ready to DO something with the sacred flowing in their veins.This experience is for women aching for a way to honor death, the dead, and create a strong footing in the cycle of Life. 

Working with Deer and an inherited Bear with her several years ago, I was captivated by her intuitive understanding and deep love of the animals she works with. She is doing something I’ve always wanted her to do-sending out rattle kits and teaching students who cannot make it to her studio. I hope you’ll join her. Her students love her dearly and she is an expert at what she does so well. Thank you for honoring the medicine, Niss
— Pixie Lighthorse

You will never know how to do something unless you DO it. So, show up...give it what you've got, and create the ways that work for you. #sacredindividualist

It is a transformative process for the maker ways one would never expect or plan for. Making your own rattle brings you closer to the process of creation and the preciousness of the resources used to create. . Birthing sacred tools in challenging seasons of Life tend to give us the space to make ourselves as we make the tool. This experience is for women who have a soul-need or a curious desire to make a rattle...even if they have one already.

A deep magic is reclaimed when you make your own medicine. In this case…medicine given life because of death. I never stop being drop-to-my-knees humbled, reverent, and grieving when I work a hide. Each and every hide comes from an animal who once lived…who has gone through the transition of death…and gets to share it’s wisdom with me and those who make with me.

Rattles are epic energy cleansers. Sound medicine is my go-to tool to shift the shit. When I’m hurting from “too much” or “not enough”. When I’m stuck in the feels of unempowered or broken. Sound medicine in my hand gives me the reason and the tool to call in my power, free myself, and root back into who I am.

There is something about cutting through skin..

that shakes the rigid right out of you, something about cutting through skin that awakens a remembering in the bones that shatters modern energy cages. There is something about cutting through skin that ReWild’s your inner voice, that that tells the original tale of reverence. There is something about cutting through skin that calls for you to rebirth as you birth rattle...and if one allows the transition, magic is made...

Join me to deepen your awareness of animal medicine and inner alchemy as you make your own Shamanic rattle. The deer and elk hides that will be available for your kit are all hand processed by me. I, along with my family, hunt deer and elk on land in Eastern Oregon. I harvest these animals with high kill integrity, ceremony and they become a part of our family as their bodies nourish ours all year long. As I process the hides, I work with the spirit of that animal...communing with its spirit as it guides me in its transformation...listening for its medicine to birth.


And from one body, many are born. This circle we are blessed to have the following energies available to make kits from:

  • Quick change from mind to body. Muley Buck.

  • Goddess of Moon & Fire. Cow Elk.

  • Don’t forget to soften. Blacktail Buck.

  • Taken too Soon for a Greater Purpose. Muley Buck.

  • Power of Not Explaining. Cow Elk

  • Essence of Wild Woman

  • Power of FEEL-ing

Each of these energies stand as ancestor to the rattle you will birth from it’s skin. I wonder which one you will get! (limited supply of each, so if you are feeling called to one you better get hooked up and let me know!)

OMG...the whole Online Rattle Making Circle was a moving, transcending experience for me. It was so healing. Every step was moving for me, but pulling that shit out of my rattle and birthing a new sound was healing. It felt so spiritual. A sacred shift I felt was valuing myself. My worth. Stepping into my own power and value!!!! Telling the story of the scar not the wound. Allowing my scars to heal so I am not telling the stories from the seeping oozing wound. If you are thinking about making a rattle with Nissa, JUMP off the damn fence and RUN to your healing!! Thank you so much for this experience. It was so heart healing for me. You have such a gift of leading. AND you hold a beautiful container.
— Jennifer Martin

Kit contents

Plus an intuitively chosen gift.


Tools not included

plus toothpicks

Nissa, your circles are just the juicy juice that had been missing from my life. I have been looking for this since I was born. Through your medicine, you show us our magic and we deepen our understanding of/access to our own medicine and it ripples out... And out…
— Laney Levine


  • Rattle making kit. (some tools not included, see list for details)

    • includes dried hide, corn, sinew, poly-fill, and an intuitively chosen bit of medicine with you in mind.

    • you will have to procure hole punch, box cutter, needle, crochet hook, toothbrush, toothpicks, etc.

  • 6 live-stream video tutorials via Zoom video gathering. Videos will vary from 1-3 hours. The longest being on making day.

    • July 2nd, 9am PST (opening ceremony & casting the circle)

    • July 9th, 9am PST (hydration ritual & building relationship)

    • July 13th, 9am PST (cutting through skin & making the body)

    • July 16th, 9am PST (empty to fill & owning the voice)

    • July 23rd, 9am PST (securing the elements & tending the relationship)

    • July 31st, 9:00 am PST (medicine skill building & releasing the circle)

  • Recordings of these live-streams in case you can’t make the live time.

  • Home base in Ruzuku with a course platform for ease of movement through our activities.

  • Lots of juicy, sacred content to savor that I can’t describe, but awaits you in the circle.

  • Full support in the process, both energetically and logistically.

  • Q&A live and in Ruzuku room.

  • Lots of space for spontaneous magic to pop in. I do a flexible structure.

  • Shamanic journeys, free range guidance and prompting, and a wild place to transform YOU as you transform the hide into a rattle.

  • Basic rattle skills for shifting the shit, self-healing, and energy medicine.

  • Off-road discussions unique to each and every circle. It’s fascinating to see what comes up…and fun to see where we take it!

Nissa is medicine. The way she does everything is medicine. The first time I went through the journey of making a rattle with her, I had all the lessons I asked for presented to me by the hide I was working. Nissa was right there to hold my hand as I panicked and fought the lessons I’d asked to receive. The finished rattle is beautiful, she is grounding, yet slightly delicate. I work with this rattle almost daily, she’s become my favorite tool for space clearings. I’m back to make another rattle. This rattle will be designed to travel, she has a completely different energy. Nissa is deeply connected to her intuition and the energy of Mama Earth. She hunts with reverence, she grieves each kill. She sings to each spirit as she releases them from this life, and she is the midwife for each hide to be rebirthed as sacred sound. Nissa signs her in emails ‘in wholeness’, with complete authenticity. She’s free-range, wild, and will teach you what ‘sacred sass’ is all about.
— Lauren Bear

*Payment option and gift certificate available.

*NO REFUNDS or RETURNS! You may give your kit and the content as a gift to someone if you find yourself unable to attend.

*Orders outside the US, please contact me before ordering.

*Local groups of 5 or more…email me for a deal.

*Kits will begin shipping early to mid June 2019.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not redirected to enroll with Ruzuku after you have checked out, please email me at It is crucial to your experience that you are set up in Ruzuku to begin. And there is plenty waiting for you as soon as you register!

See you in circle!

Much love,