Drum Making Circle

November 2nd & 3rd, 2019- we gather in my home.

Online circle support before & after.


*Payment options available. **Travel & lodging not included

Hands that make...make their medicine. Voices that seek...find their medicine. Hearts that try...create their medicine. Listen to your bones and soul...is it calling you?

This experience is for women who want to create their own sacred tool of sound medicine. Women who desire a deeper connection to what it feels like to birth sacred objects and give their bodies spirit. Women who have whispering aches to touch more of loving death, life, and rebirth. Women who are on the path of their own medicine keeping and desire to rewild wholeness. This experience is for those who seek the magic of reflections and pathways to personal power by cultivating the medicine of sound & strengthening voice. This experience is for women ready to DO something with the sacred flowing in their veins. This experience is for women aching for a way to honor death, the dead, and create a strong footing in the cycle of Life. 

In this sacred space you will be immersed in the process of honoring the life & death of Elk by rebirthing their hides into this powerful sacred tool of sound medicine. I will guide you as you transform the hide into a drum and I will guide you as the hide transforms you into more of who you are.

Working with Deer and an inherited Bear with her several years ago, I was captivated by her intuitive understanding and deep love of the animals she works with. She is doing something I’ve always wanted her to do-sending out rattle kits and teaching students who cannot make it to her studio. I hope you’ll join her. Her students love her dearly and she is an expert at what she does so well. Thank you for honoring the medicine, Niss
— Pixie Lighthorse www.pixielighthorse.com

Drums are powerful tools that become allies for walking an Earth medicine path. When you make sacred tools with your own hands, you open a world within you that sees life, death, rebirth and resources differently. Birthing a spirit into a body YOU created...rebirthing the body of another...well, let's just say you have to experience it to know how it will shift you. And it will shift you.

Making your own drum brings you closer to the process of creation and the preciousness of the resources used to create. It is a transformative process for the maker...in ways one would never expect or plan for. Birthing sacred tools in challenging seasons of Life tend to give us the space to make ourselves as we make the tool. Birthing sacred tools in seasons of growth tend to give us support as we change with the changes of Life. 

Sound medicine is my go-to tool to shift the shit. When I’m hurting from “too much” or “not enough”. When I’m stuck in the feels of unempowered or broken. Sound medicine in my hand gives me the reason and the tool to call in my power, free myself, and root back into who I am.

You will never know how to do something unless you DO it. So, show up...give it what you've got, and create the medicine within you. #sacredindividualist

Join me to deepen your awareness of animal medicine and inner alchemy as you make your own drum within a circle of sacred, supportive space. The animal hide is hand processed by me and kept green for the making day. I, along with my family, hunt deer and elk on land in Eastern Oregon. I harvest these animals with high kill integrity, ceremony and they become a part of our family as their bodies nourish ours all year long. As I process the hides, I work with the spirit of that animal...communing with its spirit as it guides me in its transformation...listening for its medicine to birth.

From one body, many are born. 

Each hide hold the story, the messages, and the medicine of the animal who died. In the process of working the hides for sacred sound making, I listen. I invite the spirit of the animal to be the guide for their rebirth. Each of these spirits becomes an ancestor for the drums and rattles made from their hides. For example, there once was a Blacktail Buck who carried the medicine of Proud without Pride. Every drum and rattle that come from him carried a whispering song of this power behind their own individual medicine. These animals and their spirits continue to teach me how to be a better human. Join me in this container for your own deep experience.


Witness the transformation



Drums call to us, we hear it as a stirring in the belly. They cannot be ignored or rushed. 

Join the circle and learn to make that medicine with your own hands.

It is time to grow, to step just far enough out of bounds that it’s a little scary? 

Learn to grow expansively, out of the smallness, to connect with the sacred sound of your inner Truth. 

Drum making is a powerful step into having a deep conversation with your inner self. It’s big and scary, yes. There isn’t a person who has made a drum with me that hasn’t been challenged...AND...who hasn’t also been lovingly guided through the threshold. 

You won’t be alone, or abandoned to the wilderness after your drum is formed. We will continue to explore the magic medicine of drumming throughout the following month in an online circle after the workshop. 


P.S. I can hear you thinking: “but Nissa, I’m not a healer”. Guess what- doesn’t matter. Everyone, whether they’re healing consciously or not, benefits from drum work. Heal yourself, and you will change your world for the better.


Drums are connected to the heartbeat of the earth, in working with one, that energy is brought directly to the palm of your hand. The earthly energy calms the body, the stabilizing sound eases brain waves into a meditative state, opening it for shamanic journey. 

Sacred drums work because sound moves in waves, in every direction. They meet us where we are. Drums are liberating. They open opportunities to speak from the scar, not the wound. Their beats can calm and fortify a person being battered by anxiety, bring peace to those grieving. 

Sacred sound medicine delivered by drums is loving, non-judgmental; it will call out self-made obstacles in a heartbeat. They are a trusted ally you can hold in your hand, against your body. 

Grip strength, the ability to hold a drum, is directly connected with heart health. Our heart center, home of emotions, is directly connected to our hands. Hands are powerful, capable of making, loving, feeding. Our hearts are powerful change makers. Partnered with strong hands and a steady beat, drums support our ability to heal on all levels. 

A drum holds the space for the sacred part of you, it calms and opens groups. Drums fill, cleanses, and supports the container of souls, so they can be open to healing. 

Birthing sacred sound with Nissa as a guide is a holy experience. She creates space that takes you deep into the life and desire of these sacred tools…. allowing you to meet the animal allies that sacrificed their lives to come through in this new way AND to get comfortable with the gifts of death and rebirth. She helps facilitate dialogue between animal and human, creating an intimate relationship that goes beyond physicality of simply a drum and rattle. The expression that keeps coming up is… practical magic.
— Jen Trulson www.jentrulson.com

$450.00 includes all tools and materials in a 2 day guidance through the action & energy of birthing your sacred sound medicine. Online circle support via Ruzuku begins when you sign up and continue for a full month after the event. After you have placed your deposit, you will be routed to the Ruzuku enrollment page. Make sure to complete that task, or contact me if it doesn't happen for you.

If paid in full and you can't make it, you can gift or sell your spot, refunds will not be given.

Payment plans incur additional fees to process multiple transactions. 

Nissa is the BEST! She creates an safe environment for you to release that which does not serve you. She aids in your healing by helping you make connections to the spirit of the animals as you create your sacred tools. She reminds you to get in touch with nature as medicine.
— Toni Wilson

Features of this online & in person hybrid circle of sound medicine making:

  • Drum making day in my home on November 2nd & 3rd, 2019. I live in St. Helens, Oregon

    • circle of sacred space designed for connection, learning & birthing.

    • materials and tools provided.

  • Online space in Ruzuku with a course platform for ease of movement both before & after the making days.

  • Energetic & logistical preparations are available immediately upon enrollment.

  • Hide transformation video and space to deep dive into what that reflects to you.

  • The circle continues for a month after you return home with online video gatherings.

  • Full support in the process, both energetically and logistically.

  • Fire circle. A virtual place to share your process.

  • Lots of space for spontaneous magic to pop in. I don’t run on rigid ways. I do a flexible structure.

  • Shamanic journeys, free range guidance and prompting, and a wild place to transform YOU as you transform the hide into a rattle.

  • 2 live-stream video tutorials via Zoom video for guidance & support. Dates for the gatherings are TBD until I secure my hunting dates that occur during this time. The video series will cover...

    • Finishing touches of wrapping handle, making beater stick, and creating the drums' voice.

    • Building a relationship with your drum.

    • Care and feeding of your drum.

    • Tutorials on drum sound medicine basics. (drum smudge, extractions, journey beats, power filling, etc)

  • Recordings of these live-streams in case you can’t make the live time.

I loved the drum-making workshop. You held us all so fully in realness. I appreciated every minute of it: the glorious elk hide, the company, the wisdom from you, and your holding of us all plus King Elk. I am grateful for the way you cut through the bullshit and allow everyone to surrender.
— Dawn ~ www.breathandgravity.com

Awaken primal sense


See you in circle!

Much love,