Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.
— Albert Einstein


psy·cho·pomp | \ ˈsīkōˌpämp\

Definition: a conductor of souls to the afterworld

From the greek term “psyche”...meaning spirit; (also a Goddess) and “pompos” meaning to-send or conduct

Source: Dictionary

Death is a part of Life…

Psychopomp circle is a container of sacred space created to explore who and what psychopomps are, and what they can do. To reclaim your power when death shows up. This circle provides kind and strong navigation through the emotions of death and how to facilitate the crossing over of energies, and why it’s important to do.

Psychopomp is an active journey through understanding the mechanics of this energy medicine without putting specific lineage or dogma around how to do it; providing you the tools to make it your own. Yes, you can be a psychopomp…and will be doing the work of one here.

Psychopomp circle is a place of honoring the path of every person who joins. Whether you are new to embracing death differently, or already familiar with the art of “crossing over”; this circle will broaden and deepen your landscape.

Psychopomp circle is about creating a relationship with death that is of sacred action…a thorough exploration and skill-building of how to psychopomp for your Self and others. To know your death song and use it more. An invitation to end the cycles of not-knowing the unknow-able known, and discover the great mystery of your Life.

Circle begins October 13th, 2019

Circle ends December 12th, 2019

About the Circle

This experience will commence for two full moon cycles. October 13th to December 12th. Utilizing the Ruzuku learning platform and Zoom video gatherings, we will connect in video, audio, and written word. We meet Wednesdays at 11am PST. I chose Wednesday because the meaning of that day of the week honors Hermes, Odin, and wood…all of which correspond with the magic of psychopomp. When you enroll, a detailed schedule will be provided.

Outline of weekly video gatherings. Some topics may take multiple weeks. Topics subject to switch order. Additional topics may occur...this is a circle of magic making after all, and I make sure there is room built in for surprises. Gatherings run anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Yes, they will be recorded and available for you going at your own pace.

  • Cast circle & gather your protector

  • Table talk. Getting it all out on the table. Fears, programs, philosophy of diversity, etc.

  • Dismemberment. We dismember to remember

  • Energy mechanics. Making it simple because it isn’t easy

  • Meet your Psychopomp

  • Know your threshold

  • Death Song

  • Care and feeding of your Psychopomp skills

  • Big deaths

  • Little deaths

  • Psychopomp for self-evolution, and wholeness

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Release circle and celebration

 About your Guide


Devoted to what she calls Free Range Medicine and a mandate of sacred individualism, Nissa is both the gateway and gatekeeper for rewilding wholeness and Self-evolution. Transparent in her process, she leads by example, an own-your-stuff/take-no-shit attitude, and striking integrity. Though she’s studied many modalities, she makes a radical departure from the notion that teachers and diplomas and dogma are needed to validate the medicine. She lives the stuff she teaches. She is spiritual autonomy meets wild frontier meets deep respect meets holy irreverence.

A note from Nissa: “I’m all about building power to handle tough shit instead of running from the tough shit. I feel uniquely positioned to teach this work because I’ve killed. It’s one thing to just be there in death, but to be the one taking the life and then birth it back to the spirit world? Trust me, it touches the deepest dark parts of a human at the same time it lifts of the brightest light parts too. Between hunting, and small scale ranching as a kid, I’ve been not only the Psychopomp, but the stroke of death many times and it’s given me an intimate relationship to this realm of energy medicine. I want to help others build their strong and whole relationship with death. (without the having to kill part) It is not easy. It should always hurt. The pain of the hurt shouldn’t be the reason to turn away…if anything the pain honors the creature and it’s death…so go deeper, feel more, and know how to be in service to the change that death brings. In this way, we also build a resilience to feeling our feelings. If we anesthetize or avoid death, we anesthetize and avoid our life and our feelings too. This kind of calling is often a deep yes…listen for it in you…will you join me?”

What you will need

  • high speed internet to access all the content via Ruzuku & stream video gatherings

  • ear buds are highly recommended (they don’t have to be the wireless kind)

  • journal

  • drum and/or rattle

  • experience in either/or all; shamanic journey, astral projections, active meditation/imagination, visioning, etc.

  • curiosity, sense of humor, willingness to feel

It helps to have

  • oracle cards

  • earth medicines

  • willingness to receive, unlearn, pioneer and trust

  • understanding of altar setting

What you’ll get here

  • unlearn and dismember what you’ve been taught in order to remember what is true

  • discover an understanding of psychopomp energy mechanics

  • gather your team of spirit guides that you will be consulting when you are in the act of psychopomping

  • learn the steps to take to perform this sacred act

  • create a death song

  • consult the great mystery within you to create ways of making this medicine your own

  • practice psychopomping in both the outer AND inner worlds

  • a virtual fire circle for support, questions, and feedback


  • October 13th:::Doors are open in Ruzuku. Come in. Look around. Get started

  • October 16th, 11am PST:::First Zoom gathering to cast the circle and get to know each other. This sparks the beginning of meeting every Wednesday at 11am PST

  • December 4th:::Last Wednesday gathering

  • December 12th:::Final declarations, song sharing, and releasing the circle

How you treat death is how you show up in life
— Nissa

*There are NO cancellations or refunds.

Kind words…

Before Nissa showed me the way with Psychopomp, I was fearful of the death and decay in and around my life. I would attempt to make peace with it, yet never fully release it in the way I intended. Now, I have purpose and honor for that which once supported me in life. I also never feel at a loss when I witness the death of another- animal or otherwise. I have tools that help me honor the life lived and the death welcomed. I can see where decay is present and I can find peace with the passage of one life into the next.
— Lena McCullough
INTEGRITY. It’s a non-negotiable in my world for a space holder. Nissa will deliver.
— Regina Viars
Nissa has a magic about her with a straight up no nonsense leadership that gets energy moving and helps you see where healing needs to take place. I needed to be able to walk the content in my own way and she always supports that. If you haven’t worked with her, you are in for an experience of a lifetime.
— Heather Dakota
I was held in a circle of this deeply felt acceptance and unconditional love and kindness. That truly is the greatest gift. This work deepens the sacred of everyday living. It awakens me to a deeper level of living sacredly as a sacred being while embracing my own version of the wonderful quirky selfness that makes me who I am on a bone deep level. Say yes to Nissa. I have never, ever regretted working with Nissa. Be ready to have your world rocked, in good, opening and deeply healing ways. And working with Nissa is a beautiful way of celebrating life.
— Grace Nightsky